2016 Naish Pivot Sale

Naish 2016 Kite Specials


Pivot 5,8,10,11,12,14m kites available at discounted prices

Starting from $1100 kite only and $1525 complete with bar, lines and pump. Amazing deal for an amazing kite! Limited numbers available.

Pivot  2016
Size Kite only Complete
5m $1,076.40 $1,524.90
8m $1,375.40 $1,823.90
10m $1,524.90 $1,973.40
11m $1,599.65 $2,048.15
12m $1,674.40 $2,122.90
14m $1,749.15 $2,197.65


“Easy-handling, well-rounded and incredibly versatile, it’s clear to see how the Pivot has become the all-around choice for everyone, everywhere.”

Interested?  Contact us: Kapiti Xtreme Kites