Kite gear check

Pre season gear check

With spring winds just around the corner, now is a good time to run through a few simple checks on your kitesurfing gear. No one wants a good kiting session ruined with gear malfunctions.

Bar and lines

Release and re-set the quick release on both your chicken loop and your safety to make sure both release if needed. Sand can jam these mechanisms.


Line length.

Make sure all lines are the same length as they can get stretched over time. To check this attach lines to a fixed object and stretch them all out to make sure they are an equal length.

Condition of lines.

It is important to keep an eye on your lines. A small snag on the beach can lead to frayed lines. Replace any frayed lines. A line snapping during a session may lead to kite loops and potentially dangerous situations.


Check your depower and safety line for fraying too.



Check for nicks in the leading edge, and stitching letting go. Pump your kite up and check for bulges. This will help identify any weak areas.


If bridle has pulleys check they are moving freely. If not they may cut through your bridle lines.


Make sure bindings and fins are screwed on tight, as over time the screws can work loose.